Cross Country Review

That’s a wrap!

This year’s cross country season ended with a bang on November 21 in Charlotte, NC. After traveling across the country for the big dance, both Yote squads proved they were forces to be reckoned with.

The day kicked off in the morning with the men’s race. The course overall was relatively flat, with one climb in the middle. As soon as the men’s race started, it was apparent that they hadn’t come to Charlotte just for fun. The men put together a race where everyone ran solid and it earned them a top finish in program history. The men finished in 7th place with a total of 222 points, a score that would normally flirt with receiving a trophy. Max Hampton led the squad with a 14th place, All-American finish. Not far behind were the two top freshman in the NAIA in Austin Fred and Billy Godfrey who finished 44th and 51st respectively. Bringing in the rest of the team was Dylan Walker, Miles Ranck, Matt Goodwin, and Dan Williams. The men’s team was the first team in the race to get all 7 runners across the finish line.

Soon after the conclusion of the men’s race, the women were on the line. The women also put together a solid race amassing a total of 312 points and an 8th place finish when it was all said and done. The women’s race also featured an All-American showing from the Lady Yote Amy Pfaff with a 26th place finish. Tying in the front running trio were  Ruth Lewinski and Lila Klopfenstein who were just outside of All-American status. The rest of the nationals squad featured Kaitlyn Schut, Emily Hawgood, Mishal Cotungo, and Tamika Russell.

The day came to a close with the entire Yote squad earning the 4th place combined trophy, tying the best combined finish in program history. The overall goal heading into track season is to carry this momentum over into the winter season and especially into the spring. Both squads are looking to contend for a conference championship. This Saturday, December 5th, we will be holding our first ever Track & Field retreat. This in house event will host a number of guest speakers, competitive events, and an alumni panel with the goal of bringing the squads together before the spring season even starts.

Stay tuned as part of the squad will kickoff the season on January 15th of the New Year at the Nampa indoor.


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