Chukar Chaos in Weiser

Better late than never! A brisk morning in Weiser provided the challenge of some key rivals (EOU & NNU) with an extra helping of community college opponents (TVCC & Clark College).  After a bit of confusion on the results, there was one thing all coaches could agree on. Both Yote teams handily won the overall meet.

The women did so by  placing their five runners in the top seven overall. The order of Lady Yote top finishers was Lewinski, Pfaff, Klopfenstein, Schut, and Hawgood. This lead to an overall dominating score 18 points, with the second place team a distant 28 points away. The men had a very similar story to the women and finished with a victory as well by placing five runners in the top eight. The way was paved by Hampton tailed by Fred, Goodwin, Nordquist, and Walker. The men’s team posted an overall score of 26 and put a HUGE 49 point gap on second place EOU.

Races of the day went to a pair of newcomers to this year’s program. Freshman Collin Tracy took the men’s award and transfer junior Mishal Contugno took the women’s honor. Tracy displayed what Pat referred to as one of the best racing improvements that he could recall. Tracy did not run cross country in high school, but showed promise as he stuck to the race plan throughout. Contugno earned the award in a similar fashion by showing massive improvement from the first race of the year and excellent execution through navigating the five kilometer course.

Following this race, a three week buildup has begun towards the next meet in Missoula on October 3rd. As I finish writing this Pat and I are gearing up to ready the course for the Purple & White Alumni Race. In case you don’t know, races start at 8 am and we would love to have your attendance. As I said at the start of this article, it’s better late than never! So shotgun that last minute fitness and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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