An Epic Tale of the Purple & White Showdown

The sun was just rising behind the monster climb at the start of the course for this year’s annual Purple and White race. The cold air was cracked at 8:05 am by the voice of Pat McCurry yelling GO! Just like that, the women’s race was off, beginning one of the most highly anticipated alumni races of all time. It was a different year but the same story, Alumni and Freshman (white team) pairing up to take a crack at the veterans of the program (purple team).

When the women emerged from the grueling corners of the quad, it was apparent that the race was going to come down to a race between a group of four Yotes. The race was lead by alumnus Hillary Holt, behind her was the race for the team crown. The pack contained a pair of current athletes (Amy Pfaff & Ruth Lewinski) and a pair of alums (Sora Klopfenstein & Ashley Heller) which proved to be the difference as all four ladies finished within a mere three seconds of each other. The order of these four ended up being Pfaff, Lewinski, Klopfenstein, and Heller; a pivotal point in the race as the final score was White- 29 Purple-26. The deal was sealed with the depth of purple team overpowering the white team. Quickly after this pack of four were three more purple uniforms (L. Klopfenstein, Hawgood, and Eagleton).

A second time the cool air was cracked with Pat McCurry shouting GO! This time, it was for the men’s race. Just as highly anticipated, this race featured some key match ups in the front with alum Greg Montgomery and current athlete Max Hampton. Nobody can recall what happened in the quad, but around the final turn the race was put in perspective. A very close race broke out between Hampton and Montgomery, with Hampton emerging the victor in the final few meters. Not far behind, a second key race emerged between Fred and Nordquist as Nordquist narrowly missed catching Fred from behind. The true difference in the men’s race for the crown was overall won by the depth of the purple team. The trio of purple runners (Nordquist, Walker, & Goodwin) proved to be a large deciding factor in the the final result. Wrapping up the scoring was protege Quinn Radbourne putting the hurt on his aging middle-distance mentor Dominic Bolin just near the finish. This pushed purple to the victory of 25 points to white’s 30 points.

Overall, it was a great get together of the Yote Track & Field family. The race was followed up by tailgating and is a tradition that we look to continue building upon in the coming falls. Once again, thank you for your attendance.

Go Yotes!

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